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Build and Go Adventures

Summer Teen Adventure Tours

Build your own Craft and take it on a trip of a lifetime!

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Build and Go Adventures

Summer Adult Adventure Tours

Craft a boat with your own hands and gain a new appreciation of the journey.

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No Experience Necessary

If you can pick up a saw then you can build a canoe or kayak


Learn about woodworking and craft your own canoe/kayak and paddle.


Replace your sander with a paddle as we head out to the water with our new crafts.


Leave the world behind and paddle into the backcountry.

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Your summer just got better.

Building your own craft and using it to adventure is a powerful thing. It deepens the connection between you and every aspect of your experience. From ghosting along a quiet stream looking for wildlife, to plowing through the chop raised by a headwind on an open lake, to threading your way down through a rapid, you are always aware of the special connection you have with the craft that is carrying you. Every time you hit a rock, you feel that rock in a different way. When you arrive at camp at the end of the day, looking at your boat drawn up on the bank, you realize that you made it there due to traveling in something that you built with your own hands. Not only that, you used your own human strength to get you there. Now that’s powerful.

What Students Are Saying…

“Before our boat building trip, I had very limited woodworking experiences, mainly small projects with my family. I had never built anything myself or even considered building a boat. However, building our canoe has been one of my most memorable and enjoyable projects in high school. Once we were able to paddle around we immediately realized our hard work was worth it. The boat glided down the river with ease and it was incredible to realize every bit of it we had created.”


Age: 17


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